Monday, June 19, 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Parts of Mama's letter this week...

Hey Mama!!! When you were talking about dad running through people I laughed pretty good because I did the same to Searle this week. By the time I looked around he was 30 ft. behind me. When he caught up to me we was like "how did you do that?! I mean you’re a big guy and you were weavin’ and boppin’ better than me!!!" I could only think that it’s in my genes! haha 

And our week was awesome!!! We did a bunch of funny stuff and we are working like dogs! We have a camp fire almost every night. And we bought a chicken for a prank on the zone leaders!  That will probably take place this week! We named her Jazzie and we will probably eat her at the end of this cycle.  

One investigator is Luis. He has to get married and we are working hard so that will happen this week!! We need prayers for that, beause he’s as stubborn as a mule!!!
Claudia is another. She has had every lesson twice and has enough Sundays to get baptized, but she doesn’t want that responsibility. She just wants to rock and roll all night and party every day. But she has committed to try for an answer before the 24 of June. Please pray that she will do what is necessary to get it!  AND Liset is back! She told us she would make the arrangements to go to church this coming week and will be baptized the following week if all is well with her too! Please pray that things work out with her!

We made tortillas 100% by hand the other day! I have a video of that. We also took a member’s golf cart for a spin and got that as well! haha It’s been a party here, but we are still working hard. No worries!

Today we just played soccer and I had a SWEET diving header to score! I’m serious! This thing was awesome!!! Maybe even ESPN worthy!  Then we ate and came home! Hung out for a little now we are writing!  As Always!!

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns

Monday, May 8, 2017

Matchmaker Matchmaker

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match. Find me a Find, Catch me a Catch! That’s right ladies and gents! I’d like to be referred to as "The Matchmaker" from now on please! Why? Because we are getting some people hitched this Friday so the wife can get baptized!!! BOOM! I’m already having more success in these 4 weeks than I did in my 4 months in Valle de Chalco. Maybe it’s because the ward actually works and doesn’t hate the Elders!!! 

Now there’s not much that I can report on, but there is one experience I’d like to share. Thursday my comp had a leader meeting he had to go to with the other district leader and the zone leaders. So, I got ditched with the other district leaders comp (who’s about as interesting and talks as much as a stiff board) and another Elder (who no one can stand being with for two minutes and during this time was being baby sat by the zone leaders). Now as you can imagine, I was THRILLED to be with these guys. I knew that I didn’t trust either of these guys in a lesson, so I made a choice. A choice to walk. A choice to walk all day. In the sun. With the stooges in tow. It was my only option... my neck got so burnt. 

It’s not all kicks and giggles down here, and sometimes it straight hurts. But it’s the right and best decision I have ever made! Thanks for taking the time to read this even though it’s a short letter this week! I love you all. As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns