Monday, December 5, 2016

Straight Thuggin'

I've always known I'm from the hood! But we got our changes, and I'm headed over to Valle De Chalco!!! So, I'll be straight thuggin' for the next little while.  #dreamcometrue I'm pretty excited because this is the place that gets the most baptisms in the whole mission!!! Also, my comp is Elder Draper and let's just say this is going to be a fun cycle!!! We'll see what goes down!! But I'm also pretty bummed because this area where I'm at right now will have between 6-10 baptisms next cycle.

Tuesday. We had a meeting in Chalco and that took most of the day. We're planning a pretty big activity and I'll tell you more if it gets approved this Sunday. But it involves 3 zones!!!

Thursday was alright. I woke up sick and then slept till 1:00. During that time, my body worked the sickness over almost as good as Rocky worked Tommy Gunn over in the Rocky V street fight. When I got up again I felt fine and we went out to work!!!

Friday was great! We had a short lesson in the morning with Remedios and her husband. They had texted us the night before telling that they were sick and wouldn't be able to make it to the temple trip that we had planned but that their kids would still be able to go... That didn't fly with us, so we went over to their house for 2 things. 1: to see if we could do anything for them and 2: to make sure they weren't just bailing out! But, it turned out they really were sick and that they couldn't go. But we'll take them another time!!! The trip ended up really good! The Christmas lights were up and our investigators enjoyed it!! I, as well, enjoyed myself. All around good day!

Saturday. We started the day off right with some good ol' fashioned baptismal font cleaning! We cleaned that puppy so good! It might have been even better than I clean myself sometimes!! Then we got ready and headed out to see a baptism in the Valle De Chalco area for my comp. After which we ran back to our area to get to OUR baptism!!! When we got there the room was full!!! It was a triple baptism!!! Guirmina and Irving (an 8 year old) for us and one more for the other elders. Guirmina asked me to baptize her and that was seriously the coolest thing!!! It was absolutely amazing to have gone on this journey with her!!! From the time she contacted me 6 weeks ago, to the opportunity to enter into the waters of baptism with her!!! It’s an experience I will be able to enjoy for the eternities with her!!! To finish off the baptism, Guirmina gave the final prayer and did something I've never heard or thought of, but I liked it a lot!!! She said, "...and Father, I testify unto thee that this is the true church and that the Book of Mormon is true..." She testified to our Father in Heaven!!! It’s like she reversed the rolls, because he normally testifies to us!!! So cool!!! Flipping awesome day!!!

Sunday was fine. I said my goodbyes to the people I've come to love here in Huitzilzingo and will miss them a ton!!! I packed my bags and that's all she wrote. There is no greater joy more true or more pure than this gospel. I'd give my life to testify of it! But, taking wise counsel from Elder Holland, it’s great that so many of us would die for this gospel, but that's easy in comparison to LIVING for this gospel. Please think about this counsel from Elder Holland. Also, it’s NEVER too late to come unto Christ. No matter how far off the path we've gone, no matter how many years it’s been, Christ’s hand is STILL (and forever will be) stretched out waiting for us to grab ahold.

That's all I got. Rock on. #ILUMINAelMUNDO  #thedeflep  As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Remedios Came to Church!!

Kind of short this week. Not too much going on. The weeks keep going by fast and it’s crazy to think I’m writing yet again.

Well, Monday ended lovely. We got some info from another elder that several guys from our zone were in the habit going to write more emails after the district meeting and then getting home way later than they should. So we pulled out some of those "crazy kids from Coolsville" skills and pin pointed the place where they would most likely be. I'm serious, we were just missing a dog and we were the mystery gang. So me and comp went on over there and low and behold there they were. Honestly, when I saw them there was a sadness that came over me. And I did not want to bust them because 2 of the 4 are pretty good friends of mine. But we did what we had to do, didn't yell or anything, just told them to go home. We'll see what happens from here.

Tuesday I had divisions. and it seems that every time I have divisions, nobody is home... so another lovely day.

Thursday was awesome! So around 6:30 Wednesday night, I get a called from the assistants giving me some info. As I sat on the other end of the line, I nearly cried as I heard the the words, "In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, we will be playing football in the stake center at 7:00am" come through the speakers of my phone. Needless to say, we were there before 7:00am. We tied for first place, so that was fine. But easily the best part of the week!!!

Sunday was also a fantastic day!!! Guirmina got to church again! We have been working so hard with her daughter because we know she will be baptized if she’d just go!! But there was no sign of her as church started. All hope was lost... once again. But a light burst through the door right as the second hour started and Remedios (daughter of Guirmina) and her daughter Jessica came walking in. I could just hear Cher singing, "Do you Believe in life after Love?!" I have no idea why this song came to my head at this moment, but I didn’t care! It’s a great song and it seemed to fit perfectly!!! Now we start the countdown for Remedios baptism!!!

I really want to thank all those who sent a prayer to Remedios and Guirmina and their family! because now we are seeing the miracles!!! As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Do You Know What "Nada" Means?

Whole lot of Nada this week. Now, I know what you’re thinking. "Elder Johns! What is nada?" And for all you “Three Amigos” fans out there, it is NOT a light chicken gravy like Dusty Bottoms said. It means nothing. It was a slow week but went by surprisingly fast! There were a lot of cancelled lessons and lots of people not home... We DID however have another lesson with Guirmina! She is progressing fast! It takes a little for her to understand, but when she gets it, she gets it. She is still on track for the 3rd of December! I’d appreciate it if you’d send a prayer her way!

Like I said, slow week. But I’d like to leave with my testimony. This is the ONLY true church on the face of the planet. End of story. I have seen and I’ve had to argue in the streets of México with several different churches for 16 months now. And every time I’m more convinced that "this is the place". The scriptures are the words of the prophets of old, written for us in these latter days! God Answers Prayers. And now, I can tell you all this and more in two languages!!! #booyah

Thank you for all your prayers. I can’t say it enough. As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns