Monday, August 31, 2015

CCM District 10D

Elders and Hermanas,
It has been a pleasure to serve with you.  Thank you for your examples of dedication to the Lord and for the service you are about to give.  We send our love and prayers with you as you begin this most important part of your life.  
We love you,
Hermana Call (CCM President's wife)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is... The Big One

As I have said before and will continue to say... This. Is. The. Big One. This is my last p day in the CCM then its on to the big times! I'm ready to get out there!!! I may not know what any one says for a while, but that's ok! I forgot to tell you last week that we got to go to the Mexico City temple open house!! its 4 stories high and absolutely beautiful!!! I don't know how else to describe it! look up a picture of it, then times the beauty that you see by 10!!!

Now, on to this week! I was able to practice street contacting this week and I already love it! i cant wait to go up to the people of Mexico and tell the about this gospel. This True gospel! In other news i hit my month mark last Saturday! 23 left and it already seems a little fast!!

My testimony has grown so much this week and I like to think of some words by president Holland, "Its great that so many people will die for this church. But we need some people that will live for this church"!! heck yeah I would die for this church, but by serving a mission, I'm fulfilling his challenge to Live for this church!!!

We received our green cards the other day! its pretty sweet! but what's getting something of major importance without loosing it 2 minutes later... Now, mom. I did find it, but you were totally right... I'm going to get lost, not be able to get back, and die here. But like I said, I would die for this church!!!  I also want to bare my testimony about our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. sometimes in ways we don't get until that very second we need it! this happened to me this week and it was amazing!

Finally, we got to hear D. Todd Christofferson speak to us hear at the CCM! it was amazing and his spirit was strong! Especially when he talked about our savior in Gethsemane!!! speaking of our savior, I found out in the scriptures that the song, "consider the lilies" comes from his sermon on the mount!! and I forgot how much I loved that song! 

Not a lot going on today. A ton of volleyball, but that's about it! Not sure when my next p day will be, but I do know I leave at 10 in the morning Mexico time!  Until I can right you again-

Stay Classy
Elder Johns


Thursday, August 20, 2015

One More Week

I have a question for you. "To what song would you like to fall asleep to and in what country"? Answer. Titanic theme song in Mexico. well ladies and gents, I was able to live the amazing dream this last Saturday. it was truly amazing!

And yes, as you can see by the title I have about one week left! I leave a week from Monday into the ghetto I have come to know and love through prayer. Its crazy to think that in 2 days is my 1 month mark!!! 

Now, on to the meat and potatoes! this last Thursday, my companion and I became the unofficial fuse ball champs of the CMM. I know. just another reason why I'm the coolest guy you know. As for my Spanish, I'm loving it and hating it. Its hard, but then you get it and you wonder why you don't schmooze your way up to the Mexican presidency! And then you remember, because you would get shanked on the way up there! So for now, I remain in the CCM. But I will try to send a video of me speaking the native tongue next week. Some other things to tell you this week, I did not have a crazy dream! Sad, I know, but I'm sure one is just around the corner.

2 of the past couple days, I have gotten a piece of toast caught in the toaster and started a small fire within. You'd have to be looking for it to notice it! So no worries, other than I'm probably the CCM's most wanted so I try and steer clear of the toasters now a days!  I also chugged a litter and a half of water in 23 seconds. So that was sweet!!!

Side note: I realize that all my stories makes it sound like there is absolutely nothing missionary related we do here. but I promise there is!!! it just would be super boring if every week I sent, "and this week, we conjugated irregular verbs. neat-o!" You feel me?

I'm running out of time, so I'm ending it here.  I want you all to remember, don't do anything I wouldn't do... Or whatever other quote would inspire you at this time, until next time,

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

Thursday, August 13, 2015

"I'm Kind of a Big Deal"

Let me just being with this. I'm probably the coolest guy you know. and now, you may find yourself say, "But Elder Johns, I know a bunch of pretty cool people".  And this may be true, but they'll never be "I pet a wild parrot cool".  That's right ladies and gents! I am a freaking bird whisperer!  Walked right up to it and pet it right on the wing! and no, I didn't get sick because, as stated before, I am a bird whisperer. so that was pretty crazy!

Next I want to tell you what happens on Mondays. The cleaning ladies come in and change our sheet. its very nice of them, only problem is we have to put the clean ones back on. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but when you're  6´ 5" and you only have 2 feet of room it gets crazy. So I decided that I now rip my mattress off the bed and wrestle for 5 minutes getting the sheets back on. I work up quite a sweat and my companion videos it almost every time. its good to know he's got my back...

And now, believe it or not, I have another get up in the middle of the night story. its not as bad as the other but still. I need help. Its 2:30 in the morn, and I freak out and look at the clock. so I stand up out of bed, because how could I have forgotten that we leave for Chalco in like 10 minutes. so I stand there and just stare at my comp for a good 10 seconds and then look back at the clock. I didn't know he was awake, but he then hits me on the shoulder and says, "what the heck are you doing". I said, what do you mean we have to go to Chalco soon! he said to me, "dude. its 2:30 in the morning and we have only been here for three weeks". I stood there for a second and then said, "yeah. you're right". and got back into bed. I then hear laughing from the other side of the room. In the morning I find out the our whole room was awake and witnessed the whole thing. they said they were so excited and were thinking to themselves, "Yes! he's dreaming he's in the girls house again" and then proceeded to listen to our conversation.

Well that's pretty much it for this week. I want to thank you all for your prayers! and I cant wait to get out into the field because its starting to get pretty routine here and I don't have a lot to say because I don't want to write the same letter over and over again. so I'm hoping I have more to say when I do get out there. Until then, remember that its always "Otro Dia En Paraiso"!!!

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week Two

Hello everyone. allow me to start off by telling how my nights go once I'm in bed. It's pretty much the coolest thing ever!!! There's constantly sirens. the dogs who try to out bark each other. The occasional mariachi band, which this weeks special was the Macarena.  And you best believe I was doing that half asleep! And the gun sho... I mean fireworks, mom. They're fireworks! And surprisingly all this has become normal and I haven't had trouble sleeping.

Next I will tell you my dream I had on last Friday. So its about 4 in the morning and I wake up, but I had just had a dream, so my dream was now real life. I look around and think to myself, "oh shoot... I'm in the girls house. How in the heck did I get here?!?!" i then decide I have to get out of there! so I sneak out of my room very quietly because I didn't want to wake any of the girls up... I stand out in the hall for a minute just thinking, "who did... what did... how did I get in here?!" Well I know I cant stay in there, but I also know that I have some crazy dreams like this every once in a while. so I'm now in front of our front door. and I have a big choice to make. 1. this is real and I have to get out of here before I get into massive trouble. or 2. if this is not real, then I will be running down the MTC street in my g top, no shoes, at 4 in the morning. at which point I am locked out of my house. so I decide before I do anything rash, I better just make sure I am just a big tard. so I go back in to supposedly "my room", and there sits the thing that saved me. the clock that I wake up to every morning. so I tell myself that I'm an idiot, get back into bed and go to sleep. So that was crazy...

I was told this week a little about Chalco by people who have actually been there. So its the ghetto in short. its humble, yes. but the ghetto. so I'm freaking stoked! I'm going to baptize an entire gang or two. And do you remember that Ricardo guy I was talking about last week? the investigator?  Well, he's our teacher now. he straight up lied to our faces and is a freaking member of our church. and our old teacher is now our investigator. Talk About Inception!!! (mind blown) Found a sister in a different district who is into animation and said shed totally hook me up with a voice acting job so I guess you could say I'm set!!!

Lastly, I got to go out side today for immigration stuff in to the actual city! that was crazy. the are no lines on the streets, and no rules. it is KILL. OR. BE. KILLED. out here! and personally, I wouldn't want it any other way. there was a taco stand outside. but I was told not to buy any or they'd make me sick. it smelt so good. I had to walk away before I wasn't exactly obedient.

Well, that's all I got this week. I hope next week brings more adventures and you all are able to stay in your beds and not try running away. so, until next week,

Stay Classy
Elder Johns