Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

¡¡¡Ayayay!!! ¿Que onda carnales? ¿Estan listos a fiestarnos bien duro por el Dia De Los Muertos? Jajaja

Tuesday! New cycle, new comp... Kind of... It’s Elder TreviƱo from my ward in Manantiales way back when I started up in good ol’ Cuautla! But we are doing good! Tuesday night we had two great lessons!! The first was with a lady that had contacted us in the street last week. Her name is Guirmina and she's really cool! At first her goal with us was to learn more about the Bible, but we changed her mind and now her goal is to find out if the church is true!!! BOOYAH!!! Our next lesson with her is Friday. Our last lesson was with a Sister named Alma. And her daughter Jetsi isn't a member. And neither is her daughter Carla. They both know the church is true, but are scared the rest of their family will disown them if they get baptized. So we’ve got a plan. We have told them if they work as a team together, it won't be as hard and they will eventual be great examples for their whole family! If you could send a prayer for courage their way that would be AWESOME!!!!

Wednesday we had to run to the offices to grab a suitcase that one of our elders left at the changes. But when we got there they told us it was in the assistant’s house nearby. So we head over there with the spare key they gave us to hunt down this luggage.  When we go there we saw the suitcase. But we also saw several boxes of cereal. So obviously we took advantage and grabbed a quick bowl of cereal before we headed out to our area again.

Thursday we did some running around for other elders. Nothing to great.

Friday we had another great lesson with Guirmina and her family this time!!! We gave them a guided visit of the church and it was awesome! They all wanted to know more, they just didn’t except baptism, but that’s ok at least they will still listen to us!!! They said they were going to go to church but only for one hour. Beggars can’t be choosers. 

Sunday was so AWESOME!!! Guirmina and 2 of the other people that were at the visit were at church!!! And after the first hour I asked if they would stay for another and they said yeah! BAM!!! Another plus is that like HALF the flipping ward is her family of some kind!!! When they got there everyone started going crazy! And the best part was after the second hour, we asked again if they’d stay and she said yes!!! All three hours baby!!! And although I felt like the I was singing the T-Swift song "Stay Stay Stay" it was totally worth it cause it worked!!! (that’s right, I don’t just make 80s song references! I’m up to date)
Cool week!! Full of small miracles everywhere! I challenge you all to look for just ONE small miracles this week. and I promise you’ll find more than what you’re looking for! Our Heavenly Father Loves us. even if we don’t deserve it sometimes. it’s NEVER too late to put your life in His hands! Thank you for the prayers! I feel it every week! As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hit That 15 Month Mark

Ok. Good week. Good, good week. I’m kind of done with my comp, but it’s all good. Baptism! Almost two, but the chump backed out. But we will get to that in just a second!

Monday was our annual sports day! I was pretty amped and probably went in expecting too much from our zone. But I didn’t care! I have to say that we were good, just not good enough... When it was all said and done I was pretty ticked because we lost and i was sunburnt so I was just ready to go home. I did get a good looking hair cut though!

Tuesday we did alright. We had a lesson with Adriana and her eight year old son, Erwin. She also has a daughter, but she’s in that twelve year old rebellious stage so she doesn’t listen to us... Yet!!! They are planning to be baptized this Saturday!

Wednesday blew chunks!!! We did divisions and I had a greenie come with me in my area! He’s fine, he wasn’t the problem. The problem was that we walked the whole flipping day!!! I’m talking, take me back six months and shove me into the center of Cuautla again, kind of nothing. Even the little old lady who has NEVER rejected the Elders since the dawn of time, told us she wouldn’t be able to talk that day... good times.

Thursday wasn’t to shabby! We had two really good lessons!! The first one was with Adriana and Erwin again. We finished up everything up with them and they were ready for their baptism interview on Friday!! Then the other lesson was with a lady named Dora. She is most worried about the salvation of her kids, but not like in the weird Christian way where she’s just looking that we can dunk them and then, yay we're saved! She really wants then to find a good church and stay there and learn! So I have high hopes for her. If you would send a prayer her way that would be awesome!!!

Friday. We had to run over and do a baptism interview for one of our district leaders right after we ate. Then right after we finished there, we had to tear back over to our interview with Adriana and Erwin! My main man Elder Searle did the interview for us and they both passed! What Up?! All set for Saturday's baptism!!!

Saturday. 6:50 a.m. We are bailing water out of the baptismal font because the pump doesn’t work. Nothing new that something goes wrong the day of the baptism. But we were waiting for our mission leader to help us at 7:00am. 7:30am rolls around and we have finished bailing water and the mission leader shows up... right on time. We finished up there and ran home to shower because the baptism was at 11:00. So everything was going good. Adriana got baptized, then it was Erwin's turn. But he starts saying he doesn’t want too anymore... You have GOT to be pulling my leg!!! So he weasled his way out of it, which is fine. Heaven was getting a little crowded anyways...  That was a joke. We still plan on baptizing him later!!! Also, sorry I haven’t written as in depth lately. But I’m back! Thank you for all the prayers that have been sent my way! As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns

Monday, October 10, 2016

Leadership training at Tepoztepetl

Hello one and all! Hope you’re all doing great and don’t have sore legs, because it blows chunks in the mission field!

Tuesday I had interchanges with another guy named Elder Santiz! Pretty cool guy! And he’s 26 years old!!! And a recent convert! Cool stuff! Little awkward but not too shabby! We didn’t have a lot of success this day however!

Wednesday was also a very average day, but I did pop a gnarly blister on the bottom of my foot that night. I’m talking, when it popped, it shot across the room and almost hit my comp. He of course began to dry heave and I began to laugh! But that baby had some pressure under it! haha

Thursday we had a lesson with a lady named Adriana! She is awesome and has 2 kids named Jame and Erwin! Please pray for them! They will be baptized in 2 weeks!!!

Friday is when we had a leadership meeting. But this time it was absolutely awesome!!! We went to a place called Tepoztlan! It’s an ancient pyramid on top of a mountain. I’d also like to just point out that out of the 30 leaders that went, I got up the mountain first. Pretty much nailed it. On our way up we found some pretty cool raccoon things called coaties! They were wild animals and we totally harassed them!!! We finished and me and my comp sprinted down the mountain so we could check the cool shops before the others got down! Once again first ones down! WHAT UP?!

Saturday we did some service in the morning! The brother took us into an empty room, gave us some normal hammers and then said, "I need the first layer of cement removed from the floor"... so we went to town on the floor with our hammers. Didn’t take as long as I thought, but I did get a nice blister on my hand as well. You better believe I popped that puppy as well!!

Thank you all for your prayers! I can’t say it enough, so I’ll keep saying it! As Always!!!

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns