Monday, October 26, 2015

Q and A

1. I'm assuming you know about the gigantic hurricane that hit the coast of Mexico.  And I'm assuming since I haven't heard anything that it didn't really impact you?   no to bad, Little rain!
2.  How has your pooping been?  You haven't mentioned it for a couple weeks, so I'm guessing you got yourself regular?  im pretty solid in that topic of conversation if you know what i mean
3. Do you take your camera with you when you are out and about?  Or only on Pday?  Are you not suppose to take pics of the people you are teaching?   i take it every where. but i will take pictures with people when i leave an ├írea and when i have baptisms. AND WE HAVE ONE THIS SATURDAY!!!
4.  Is there anything you need?  Anything you have thought, "I wish I had that" or "I should have brought that" or "I'm gonna need that"??  (not that I can get you anything-haha)  yeah, 80s music and nuts. miss both of those.
and whit looked really good for hoco!!!
nuts??  Like peanuts, almonds, etc?  That's weird.  Did you ever see the pics from Park City??  I know it was a ton!    yeah like planters. did you get the address? my comp said its in the packet. no, what pic! also, this week if its not to crazy because i know it can be, could you check on my card. i tried it today and it didnt work.
I am going to get an email for (your friend-I took his name out for privacy)  He's still in basic training, but I guess his dad and girlfriend are really giving him a hard time about the church.  It would be awesome if you could maybe write him something encouraging.  Doesn't have to be long, just to know someone cares!  And then I'll start sending him your emails too!  The address in the packet is where we sent your Halloween package.  I think it's the mission office.  It was returned to sender because the address was wrong!  I have another small one I'm going to get mailed this week.  Trying USPS!  Your debit card??  That's no bueno!  I'll call the bank as soon as we are done and figure it out.  Tell me about your baptism.  Im super excited for you!!!  PLEASE send me his email!!!!!! and ok, perfect! i just want to know if its the right address.and yeah that card, thank you! and my baptism is this saturday at 4, 3 your time. (we had daylight saving and thats why im only an hour ahead. i HATE day light saving with a passion. dumbest thing man has ever crated) her name is rebecca and shes 9. her mom is coming into activity again because were working with her and her dad is interested in the church! shes awesome. not sure who is baptizing her yet. and how do you know about his dad being a putz?
We talked about him in ward council yesterday.  The ward mission leader, our home teacher asked if anyone had any connection to him so we could be emailing him positive things.  OH, daylight savings.  That's the worst.  so you're only 1 hour ahead now.  I wondered why you were so late today.  makes sense.  did you go back to amecameca?  when you were there last time you used your card, for like $1 and it worked.  I remember rebecca and her mom.  Maybe you told dad about her or something.  we will be praying for her and her family.  can't wait to see pics!  do you have pics this week??  do you know the mission office address?  I'm going to email and double check before I send this next package to make sure I'm sending it to the right place.  I'll try to stick some nuts in there for you!   im so stoked to email him!!! and no, just to buy food. and yeah!! its 3 pics and a vid. one of me when Elder cowdin was sick. im in the mirror and had nothing else to do. the vid is of us and a convi (bus) alone jammin out. one is of me rep re sentin´ genie! and the last of the carnitas i love. its just super orange!!! also, we went to the temple this week! it was amazing!!! 

Yeah, I think it will be really cool!  Can't wait to hear how it goes. Yay, pics and a vid!!  How did i get so lucky.  So what do you do when ur comp is sick.  Just hang out and lose your mind??  haha  OH I'm so glad you got to go to the temple!  I went and did initiatories last tuesday.  I put your name in again.  I do it every time, just for extra angels!  ya know.  I'm getting things ready for your christmas package and so wantyou to get it.  I feel awful that you haven't gotten anything from us.  There's a service in mexico that i know can get you packages (it's how i would send krispy kremes in the ccm) but all they have is food.  And i don't know if you can get all of that there already.  I will keep trying.  Did you guys play any soccer or bball today??  Is cowdin athletic??  Sweet thanks! and yeah, just loose my mind and make mac and cheese... and we played with our zone getting ready for the tourny we have! we practiced basketball, volleyball, and soccer. those are the three we will play in the tourny! and yeah, hes good!!
hey, i got to go. but i love you and will talk to you next week!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cachete or Carnitas...CARNITAS!!

We had a really good week this week, but at the same time it was kind of sad.

Monday started a new cycle for us and we lost a couple of people in our zone. But then we gained some really good ones too!!!

Tuesday was an average day. I have a story to tell. So we went to our favorite carnita stand. The cook is also a member in one of our wards! I usually get three regular carnitas. It what I like, it’s what I enjoy. But my freaking companion Elder Cowdin talked me into getting some cachete. That would be pig cheek. So I said, "yeah whatever, let’s do it!" So we start in and the taste is great!!!  But, the texture is horrible. So I’m forcing it down, and I get to the point where I either have one bigger bite, or two smaller bites left.  I went with the bigger bite.  Big mistake... I get it chewed up and swallow. But it only goes half way down, and it came back up with revenge on its mind. Luckily, with my razor sharp reflexes, I was able to stop it with my hand. And as a single tear rolled down my cheek, I was able to gain control.  So I took a drink and tried to swallow again. But there was no stopping it this time. I spit pig cheek all over my companion... he sat there frozen with a look of confusi├│n on his face and whispered, "What the heck..?" I muttered an astonished "I’m so sorry" and we both then began to laugh for the next five minutes. Good times.

Wednesday we found a new guy named Jose Miguel. He’s really good! But we also dropped Alin and Guillermo. They just aren’t progressing and we had to do it. We also had interviews with the pres!  He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met and he calls me Elder Tiny. The first thing he said when he saw me is, "I see you’ve lost a little weight there Tiny. Problems in the bathroom will do that to you". I love this guy to death!

Thursday and Friday were just hard working days without success.

Saturday was good!  We got to talk with a girl named Rebecca who is 9. She only has to come to church one more time and she will be baptized!!!  Her family is great!  Her mom is becoming active again and her dad we are working with!  But his faith is amazing! Slowly but surely he’s coming around!!!

Sunday was awesome!  We had several investigators come to church and we were so happy because one is another we thought we would have to drop!!!!  Also I met my new zone and I like the new people better than the others, so I could not be happier with who we got!

Many people are wondering about Craig.   We've tried to get rid of him for good... twice.  He's made his way back... twice.  Killing him is our only other option.

Until next time, and as always,

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

Monday, October 12, 2015

Questions, Answers and Pictures - Oh My!

Tuesday morning I went to the temple.  I love it there.  Every time I go I think, why don't I come here more!!  I put your name on the prayer roll and I prayed for you in the celestial room.  You were heavy on my heart this day.  I wonder when that happens, if you are having a hard day that day.  Who knows.
Yeah, Tuesday was hard, I just felt angry all day and wanted to go home.

Favorite thing/person/moment this week?
Not sure, this week was a little hard, but the relief society pres is funny and always great!! 

Are you ok being with Cowdin again?  And did you seriously make that pasta??
Yeah, I'm good with Cowdin! I want to be with Searle again though!!!  And heck yeah I made that pasta!! I'm freaking Emerald!  To another notch!!!  Can you believe I almost have 3 months?!

Dad said u should make company casserole. Do you remember that?  We can't believe your almost to 3 months. Is it going fast or slow for you??  It's both for us. Feels like forever yet just like yesterday too.  Will you b able to check the mission home for your package anytime soon??
I'm going to stick with pasta for now, we don't have an oven haha! I'ts both for me too! 6 more weeks and I have a new companion! Crazy! And they will call when its there for me! Which one is it?  The one with the tie?!?!
Are you looking forward to a change in companion or is that scary??  It's the Halloween one. NOT the one with dads tie.  How are your clothes holding up with u washing them by hand?? Also dad wants to know how many people attend sacrament in ur areas?  R u in the ozumba 1st and 2nd wards??
I'm looking forward to it and its scary!  He could only speak Spanish... and Elder Cowdin's family sent him one through the US mail and just loaded it up with Jesus and Saint Mary stickers!!! It totally Works! And my cloths are still good! And only 50 to 100 people. I'm  in both! 

Replying to Whitley. 
I almost benched as much as you squat. Pathetic! Give me a challenge! And you've been in your head for a while! I'm glad to hear you're back and scoring!!! I miss watching you and Kennedy play soccer.  It sounds like your coach is missing a pair of nards... just saying.  Utah must be really nice!  It's ok down here right now weather wise! I love you!

Also, I'm putting pics of my house and other things on drop box.  I have a selfie and the dog Craig too!  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Constipation Is Real

I'd like to let you know that constipation is not funny no matter what anyone says. i am now a victim and know the pain for about a week.

Tuesday we were out and about when i finally couldn’t take the pain anymore. We called the doctor and he told us that i needed to a buy a certain medicine and go home and rest... rest? I’m not here to rest! But i was in enough pain that i listened to him.

Nothing noteworthy happened Wednesday. Sorry for the letdown.

Thursday was great!!! We had 2 great lessons with 2 investigators! One with a guy named Jesus. He had been telling us that he couldn’t give up work on Sunday, when today he said, "i don’t work Tuesdays, and i know this is important, so ill not work Sundays and work Tuesdays"!!! He has so much strength with his faith!!!  And the other was with Alin and Guillermo! They are great. We had a lesson about marriage and they told us they would come to conference this weekend! WHAT UP?!?!

Friday we had one really good lesson! She was a reference from the temple open house! Her name is Guillermina. She’s this old sweet lady that is amazing and strong in her faith! We taught her so much about the restoration and Joseph Smith!! so when we asked her to be baptized, not to our surprise, she said no. most people do the first time. But then we asked, "What if you receive and answer directly from God?" we thought we were so smug. But then we were shocked into humility when she flat out said, "No." We, said, not even from God? "No." so we will be working with her some more to say the least.

Saturday was conference!!! It’s the super bowl of the mission. Our district listened in English and we had so much food with us it was awesome!! We had no lessons that day or Sunday because of conference.

It’s been an absolute honor writing to you all. Avoid constipation and stay healthy.

Stay Classy
Elder Johns