Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Big One

     Lets get down to business! Wednesday through Sunday were the longest days of my life! I thought I was going to rocky punch a brick wall into the next life. but its all good now! Guess who my companion is?? Its freaking Elder Searle the guy from Instagram that I talked to the day before I left!!! You could say were pretty good buds! I'm picking up Spanish pretty well, but I am no where near ready for the streets! My district, 10D, is pretty sweet! we have 8 elders and 2 Hermana's. That's sisters for all you gringos out there!
     Our third day here we had an investigator and we had to teach him in Spanish. his name was Ricardo. So we went in to teach him and its going as well as it possibly could (even though I didn't know what I was saying) and then all of a sudden, Elder Searle stopped right in the middle of his sentence. it was just silent for like 20 seconds. After the meeting, I asked him what the heck that was about and this is what he said to me. "Dude, I saw a parrot outside! it was totally climbing up the tree. it was awesome!" So I was pretty mad at this point and I asked him, "Well why in the heck didn't you show me?!" Now yes, this would have been wrong to do in the middle of the lesson, but its a freaking parrot and we didn't know what we were saying anyways!!
     The food is pretty good, and yes. I know the chef here. his name is Estaban and he's to legit to quit. Even though he's making a ton of gluten free stuff. But I don't know if he's serving that to everyone or just to some. If I'm eating that, this could very well be my last email because ill die from lack of gluten. Saturday was a hard day. we worked hard and nothing came out of it! but nothing you can do except carry on! People keep asking me if they can try my ring on because of how big it is!  I say yes and they then proceed to put it on over the ring they are wearing with room to spare! Its amusing. And then, there's of course the whole "dude your voice is crazy deep man!"  I have been asked to do so many impressions its crazy! From "smooth Jazz" to Kronk from the emperors new groove! but I'm not complaining! Its fun to do different voices! I even sang Johnny Cash, ring of fire.
     I came up with my moto I'm going to use in my mission! "Otro dia en paraiso!" it means, another day in paradise! I chose that because its so beautiful here. you chumps in AZ with you 100 degree weather. Its in the 70s here and rains every once in a while! You Jelly Bro? By the end of he week, we were teaching Ricardo in 100% Spanish! THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL!!! We got him a baptism date and everything!!! he's not a real investigator, BUT STILL!!!
     Anyways I cant think of what else to say. I guess it just feel different to be a missionary! Its great here and I cant wait to send my next email!! Ill see if I can add even more next time!!! Until then,

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns


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