Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week Two

Hello everyone. allow me to start off by telling how my nights go once I'm in bed. It's pretty much the coolest thing ever!!! There's constantly sirens. the dogs who try to out bark each other. The occasional mariachi band, which this weeks special was the Macarena.  And you best believe I was doing that half asleep! And the gun sho... I mean fireworks, mom. They're fireworks! And surprisingly all this has become normal and I haven't had trouble sleeping.

Next I will tell you my dream I had on last Friday. So its about 4 in the morning and I wake up, but I had just had a dream, so my dream was now real life. I look around and think to myself, "oh shoot... I'm in the girls house. How in the heck did I get here?!?!" i then decide I have to get out of there! so I sneak out of my room very quietly because I didn't want to wake any of the girls up... I stand out in the hall for a minute just thinking, "who did... what did... how did I get in here?!" Well I know I cant stay in there, but I also know that I have some crazy dreams like this every once in a while. so I'm now in front of our front door. and I have a big choice to make. 1. this is real and I have to get out of here before I get into massive trouble. or 2. if this is not real, then I will be running down the MTC street in my g top, no shoes, at 4 in the morning. at which point I am locked out of my house. so I decide before I do anything rash, I better just make sure I am just a big tard. so I go back in to supposedly "my room", and there sits the thing that saved me. the clock that I wake up to every morning. so I tell myself that I'm an idiot, get back into bed and go to sleep. So that was crazy...

I was told this week a little about Chalco by people who have actually been there. So its the ghetto in short. its humble, yes. but the ghetto. so I'm freaking stoked! I'm going to baptize an entire gang or two. And do you remember that Ricardo guy I was talking about last week? the investigator?  Well, he's our teacher now. he straight up lied to our faces and is a freaking member of our church. and our old teacher is now our investigator. Talk About Inception!!! (mind blown) Found a sister in a different district who is into animation and said shed totally hook me up with a voice acting job so I guess you could say I'm set!!!

Lastly, I got to go out side today for immigration stuff in to the actual city! that was crazy. the are no lines on the streets, and no rules. it is KILL. OR. BE. KILLED. out here! and personally, I wouldn't want it any other way. there was a taco stand outside. but I was told not to buy any or they'd make me sick. it smelt so good. I had to walk away before I wasn't exactly obedient.

Well, that's all I got this week. I hope next week brings more adventures and you all are able to stay in your beds and not try running away. so, until next week,

Stay Classy
Elder Johns


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