Monday, July 25, 2016

I Hit the Year Mark!

Pretty good week. I got my new visa so I won't be shipped out! So that's good.

Tuesday was an average day. We walked around and found a couple people who accepted us and we had a lesson or two. Nothing to fantastic.

Wednesday was a long day of traveling. Around 4pm we headed out to go to Chalco because the next day I would be going the big city of Mexico to renew my visa so I wouldn't be one of Mexico’s most wanted! We got there at 7:30ish and went on splits with the assistants. We spent the night at their house, bought some tacos and hunkered down for the night!!

Thursday, I was up, out, and at the mission office at 8:00. The coolest part was that I was with my man Elder Searle!!! We pretty much took Mexico City by storm!!! They were all like, "whoa. Those 2 white guys are speaking Spanish." And we were all like, "yeah, we're 2 white guys speaking Spanish."  We gave the lady behind the counter our info and finger prints, signed a couple papers and walked out of there with nothing but swag! After which we had the chance to swing by Costco. Side note: A wise person once said, “They got a heck of a  dog at 'Costco'." So, what'd we do? We head on over to hork down a big Costco pizza. Waiting for it to cook, we went around checking out the stores. Then, there it was. The most beautiful Def Leppard shirt I have ever seen in my life!!! So naturally, I ask the man behind the counter, "How much is that Def Leppard shirt in the window?" As he told me the price, I fought to hold back tears seeing that I was $50 pesos short. And as Cutting Crew once said, "oh! I just died in your arms tonight... I should have walked away." Well, I did walk away. Every step hurt. And now I know some of you are probably thinking, "this nut job! It’s just a shirt." Well, to that I have no comment. I guess it's just true love. Leaving to go back to Chalco, I grabbed a box of Costco cookies to numb the pain and off we went.

Friday!! Can you say, "one year mark!!!" We woke up at 5am to leave for Cuautla and arrived at 8ish. A little later we get a call from a  ->Joven<- that he had an idea and needed our help. So we went over and when we got there, he WHIPS out a poster with my face on it and says, "I think we can get a lot of investigadores with this idea". I told him, "listen! You got my face on a poster! I’m ready to help with whatever!!!" (His Instagram name is hyrum_adame and he's got the poster up there if you want to see it) His idea is to make a documentary of missionaries and what we do!! So he's been following us around taking videos! Next week I'll have the link to share if want to check the video out!!!

Saturday was a good day until we contacted the churro guy... We've bought churros from this fella before, but this was the first time we contacted him. He was drunk and began to tell us his problems when BAM! He flips the subject to how the white man demands money... He was pointing his finger in my face most of the time he talked. I tried not to, but I finally snapped and went off on him letting him know, in a raised voice, if he didn't get his finger out of my face and quit talking trash, that I was going to hurt him. He shut up and calmed down and started talking about church. (I’m still amped at this point) But he went off again and said that if we had the truth that we would cast out the demon he had inside him. We let him know we do have the truth, but that he didn't truly have a demon inside him. Off he went again saying how he didn't believe us and how we couldn't take his demon away and... I lost it again. I just gave him a pretty good idea of where he'd be going after this life if he didn’t change and told him that the only demon inside him was alcohol and to have a good life and finished by saying, "Good day, Sir!!!" As we headed home my comp tells me, "Well, you handled that pretty well, haha". Maybe it wasn't the best missionary approach to things, but I didn't care at that point.

Overall a good week. Spanish documentary, fights with drunks, all good things!!! As Always
Stay Classy,

Elder Johns

The Documentary Poster

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