Monday, September 12, 2016

Farewell Cuaulta

Walt Disney once said, "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you." Well Walt, I've been wishing and my heart has been desiring for one thing for almost nine months! And just like you said, my wish has come true! I’M GOING TO CHALCO BABY!!! That's right people!!! I’m going down into the hood!!! This area has been great, and I'm sad to leave. But I also want to be straight thuggin' over there in Chalco. So it’s a bitter sweet.

Not too too much time today, but I’d like to point out some highlights of the week!!
1- WE FOUND JULI!!! She’s working at her store after 2 weeks of problems and being out of town!!! She looked so sad when we arrived. She had just finished crying and it was super sad to see. Her problems are with her brother so if you could send a prayer her way just for peace and comfort that’d be so awesome!!! Also she went to church Sunday and looked so much happier being there!!! Her whole aura changed and you could literally see the difference.

2- Friday was pretty funny. We were at the church around 8 for a meeting we had and when we got out there was a stake dance going on! Now because of what follows I know that I’ve been in the mission for a while. Me and my comp passed by, heard some pretty cool music and when I looked at him we both said the same thing, "that looks like so much fun!!" We were probably more excited than half the kids there haha and we didn’t even participate!!! Good times.

3- Like I said I’m going to Chalco. It’s going to be super sad to leave this area because I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite up until now!! Maybe I’ll get permission to go see Juli’s baptism. But I’m super stoked as well to be on edge at all times because you don’t know who has a shiv!!! That’s what I like to call living like Larry!!!

4- The Patriots Won yesterday! Nuff Said!

Good things happening here!!! Thank you for all the prayers! They help unexplainably!!! As Always!!!

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns




Victoria and Vivian

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