Monday, September 26, 2016

Chalco Highlights

Well I’m in paradise!!! I’m loving it here in Chalco, aka "the hood"!! I’m pretty much one of the natives here now so I blend in pretty good! There’s not a whole lot of time today, so let me just get to some of the highlights!

We have several investigators progressing right now, but the best one is named Adriana! She is doing great and knows the church is true! She just needs 3 more Sundays and she will be dunked!! Hoorah!!!

We had a lovely visit with a recent convert that is less active. "Elder Johns! How could someone be a recent covert and a less active at the same time?" I’ll tell you how! The chumps of missionaries before us baptized this guy and left us to clean up the mess! He is an Ex Jehovah witness so our conversation was a little nutty! He obviously didn’t have a testimony so we had to set him straight. We answered his questions and saw that he just wasn’t getting it. So I decided to be a nut, you got to be a nut! The following is more or less what I said to him:

"Brother, you do not have a testimony. You wanted to get baptized for all the right reasons, but you just don’t have a solid testimony. When I sometimes doubt my testimony I take it seriously. So you could try asking yourself the same question I do to myself. If someone kidnapped you and then put a gun up to your head (I make my hand into a gun and put it up to my head so he can really feel it) and told you if you don’t deny your faith they were going to pull the trigger... (pause to let the scenario sink in) what would you do?"

I told him I didn’t want an answer but I wanted him to think on it. He had a somewhat shocked face after all that, but hey! He showed up a half hour early for church for the first time in 2 months. So it totally worked!!!

And Saturday we helped an old member in our ward kill rabbits! He held it up to me by its back legs and then said “hit its neck as hard as you can!” That was so sweet! I went all karate kid on those bunnies!!! I’m going to see if I can get a rabbit pelt next time!!!

That’s all I got for this week! Thank you all for your prays! As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns

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