Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Love a Good Dry Heave!

Well, I spent the night listening to my comp vomit. That was lovely. Oh! And we had a zone meeting today. And seeing as my comp stayed home with another Elder who is sick, I flew solo overseeing the meeting and giving "our" training schpeel we had to give. Now, I’m not going to sugar coat this... But I nailed it! I’m talking standing ovation and everything! I wish you all could have seen it!

Tuesday was alright. My comp had special permission to go say goodbye to a couple of the families in his other area. So, we headed over to Iztapalapa in México city and met up with a couple of the people he knew. I also found a Rocky shirt while we were there so I obviously had to buy it.

Wednesday we worked. Finally! A full working day!!! Haven’t seen one of those in a while. It was like reuniting with an old pal! Let me tell you about a couple people. First we talked to Julia Martinez. She has heard all the lessons... Twice. She feels different about this church in a good way. She has EVERYTHING she needs, but won’t pull the trigger. So if you could help by praying for an answer for her, that would be awesome. If she doesn’t get it, we will be dropping her this week. Second is Mario and his wife Clementina. They want to get baptized! They’re all ready to go! But Mario doesn’t want to get married... So that’s peachy. Please send a prayer his way as well that he may soften his heart.

Thursday. First of all, this is the day we do weekly planning and we leave our house a little later because of it. Then we had to go finish the last of the contracts we had in our zone. Once finished, we went to the meeting we have with our mission leader. Upon finishing said meeting, we entered the ward council and had to straighten things out. I tell you what! It was like a Sunbeam class in there. Pray for me. Pray that I don’t egg a couple people’s houses.

Friday was the lovely annual leadership meeting that we have every month. So that took up the day. Good times. However, me and my comp gave a training schpeel and won the hearts of millions doing so.

Saturday we looked for some service to do in the morning and found a recent convert to help. We cleaned up her sidewalk and then made a sweet ramp off the sidewalk for her son who uses a wheelchair. I also broke her broom in the process. But no worries, we got her a new one!

That’s all folks. For this week at least. Thank you for your prayers. They help more than you know. We will see you on the flippidy flop. As Always!!!

Stay Classy, 
Elder Johns
Elder Johns with Elder Draper

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