Monday, February 13, 2017

Bits and Pieces from Mom's Email from This Week

My week was pretty good! It’s getting better with my comp, but I’m trying to get him out of here. haha And with our investigators it’s a slow boat to china... but we did have a miracle and had an old investigator come up to us and tell us that he wants to be baptized now, so he’s planned for the 25th of February!!! His name is Mario! He drinks but wants to stop! Please pray for him! And an investigator from my last area, Jorge, wants me to baptize him, so I’ll be heading there this Saturday! He is Remedios son. I’m hoping Remedios is baptized as well, but will see. And I’ll take a bunch of pics!!!  I thought that was pretty cool!!! Armando is still working and Julia knows this is the church and knows she will get baptized, but doesn’t know when! She still has the date for the 25th as well! fingers crossed!!! And yes, my watch has been stolen.

The watch deal was a while ago, when I wasn’t as experienced. And you’re telling me you WOULDNT give your watch up living in the 2nd most dangerous mission in Mexico? I call bull!

It’s hard to take pics here in Valle De Chalco. It’s a little sketch, so I don’t have that many!

The weather is hotter than where you guys are. I have a weather app and it sounds beautiful where you guys are right now!!! It’s like 70s 80s here I think.

Those two guys are freaking awesome. They’re the reason my comp didn’t die the first few weeks here.  haha  They’re the ones that live upstairs.  Elder Wilson and Elder Francis. 

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