Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pats for the Win!!

Alright, so things have been running kind of slow lately around here. We don't have much success and those we're teaching who ARE progressing, are progressing very slowly. But let’s talk about what we do have, shall we?

Tuesday we were able to visit a couple named Armando and Patty. Patty is a member coming back to church and Armando is ready to get baptized. But I know what you're thinking. "There's got to be a catch!" And you're right. There is. Patty needs to get divorced from the guy that left her 9 years ago, and then those two have to get married. Also, Armando has to drop smoking. Our goal is to do all this before the 18th of February. Luckily we have help with the divorce and marriage part. So it's all up to Armando to drop the cigarette!!! Please send a prayer his way! He's ready and deserves to be baptized!!!

Wednesday was horrible. We had appointments with several people and I kid you not, every single one was the same. They'd say, "Oh, well I read your pamphlet and I think I’m good how I am right now. Plus, I don't want to waste your time if I’m just going to end up saying no." Then don’t say NO!!! I was pretty mad by the end of the day, so when I got home I went straight in and prayed. That's all I could do.

Thursday we were able to pass by with Julia. I don’t remember if I said who she is. But, she has been listening to the missionaries for about three months now. She feels great about the church and likes to go. Her only problems are first, she wants to know that this is the true church. And second, she is afraid of what her family will think. Her baptism is set for the 25th of February, so a prayer her way would be sweet!!!

Friday was one of those lovely leadership meetings, so not much action there.

And that just about wraps up the week. Hoping for a better one this week. #thedeflep #patsforthewin #ilovetom As Always!!!

Stay Classy, 
Elder Johns

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