Monday, January 11, 2016

Bug House and a New Comp!

Hello one and all. Its been pretty crazy around here for the past couple days! But awesome none the less.

Tuesday was the last day I saw Elder Cowdin... yes, I cried. But not as much as the first time I Heard "Have you ever needed someone so bad", by Def Leppard. Yes, another Def Leppard reference. And yes, its true, ask my mom.

After the changes I went with Another Elder to his área because we weren't going to get our new comps until the next Thursday. So we went around in his área and at the end of the day we got these giant crepes for like a "buck fiddy" in US dollars. They were fan-freaking-tastic!

Wednesday was pretty darn boring. I went with two other elders than the day before and we took the 2 hour, 2 bus rides back to their house.   Then I sat and watched them pack because my stuff was all ret to go from the day before.  I was pretty scared to know who my comp was that night.

Thursday was the Big One. We got our new comps and mine is named Elder Valera!  He's a short little Mexican who's awesome!!! He came up to me and gave me a big hug.  I later found out it's because his last comp was the worst. I don't even know the guy and I'm having nightmares of him. My comp doesn't speak to much English but it's all good in the hood because I can communicate pretty good now. We've been together for like 5 days and we've already had some good laughs!!! Our área is huge, like 2 or 3 times as big as my last one. And I'm in the new área of our misión. But there is a ton of work here to do! When we got to our house, two elders from the other misión showed us around.  Then, that night, we had a problema. 4 elders, 2 beds... so I called the floor.

Elder Valera

Friday we woke up, and little did I know  (thanks to the other elders) that it was a little dangerous to sleep on the floor. As I was cleaning up the blankets, a scorpion slinks out from where my feet were all night. Without hesitation, I smashed it with my size 15 shoe. Hush Puppy. It had no chance. But then I found out we also have big spiders and centipedes. Good times.

Saturday was just more getting to know the área. We have 2 wards and ward 2 is Great! Ward one hasn't had a bishop for 5 months... we like ward 2 better. There are also some great members here!  I love it just as much as Ozumba!  Later that night, my comp found a dangerous centipede under his bed. I had the idea to capture it! We now have a Colosseum where we put 2 bugs in and try to get them to fight. No scorpion has entered the ring, but one day he will.

My comp is the district leader, and tomorrow he will start training another Elder. He's from Brazil and doesn't speak a lick of English. It should be pretty awesome!!! Also, thank you all for your prayers. I need them in the bug house I'm in!!!

Stay Classy
Elder Johns


Hector's Baptism

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  1. I know a mission blog is the last place I should say this, but looking at all those pictures, and reading about all those bugs, all I can think is, "oh my hell..."