Monday, January 25, 2016

S L O W Week

I've forgotten to tell you all I've been taking ice baths for the past 3 weeks. DON'T take for granted a hot shower. Also, in other news, I heard that WW3 started... I found out from a Mexican in another language!!! Where's the 'MERICAN PRIDE??  It's been going on for three weeks and I haven't got a clue! You've got ta come on now!

Pretty bummer of a week. A lot of lessons fell through and we didn't have any money. So that's always fun. On Tuesday we just didn't have anything. The highlight of our day was when we ate with a guy in our ward named Hermano Perez. He's a short funny old guy who doesn't have any teeth. But he's super strong in the gospel! He's a great role model and I'd like to be like him, but keep my teeth at the same time. We will see what happens.

Wednesday was a pretty good day! We started off by going to a missionary conference in one of the stake centers and it was for all the missionaries in the world. It was really cool, but I wanted to hear Elder Holland talk because he's the president of the missionary work, but he didn't. At the same time it was cool to think that I know missionaries all over the world were listening to this conference at the same time!!! Later, we had a lesson that felt like it was eight years away. But it's an older lady and her daughter. Both are good, but I think the daughter will be baptized for sure! Their names are Dulce and Berta if you want to add them in your prayers! *hint* *hint*

Thursday was another day of nothing. We walked everywhere so the day took forever and everything fell through.  Our final lesson was even further than the last one I talked about and in the middle of the forest. It was completely dark and we used our phone light to check the house out, and it had a chain around the door. I'm 100% positive that a witch lives there. So we ran out of there and headed home. Very slow day.

Friday I hit my SIX month mark! Boom! What up! It's crazy to think about and it's gone by faster than I thought it would!!!  But again, as for the work, nothing. And we finished our day off with a random dinner meeting with a member at his house. I was grateful for the food but it was weird because us 4 ate in a small room with dark lighting and he had his wife shut the door. And the whole time he talked super quiet so we felt like we needed to talk super quiet as well. I felt like I was in a movie here the head of the mob called us in to have dinner with him. Weird stuff man. Also Cyndi Lauper says it best when she said, "and I see you true colors shining through". Elder Freitas, the Elder from Brazil, is a little bit more annoying than he seemed to be at first. He's not terrible, and he's a great missionary, but sometimes I wonder whats going on upstairs if you know what I mean.

Saturday was our service and we went to help clean the church. And might I just say, wow. It sparkled!  When we started we cleaned up outside first and some lovely person, who is a spirit brother or sister of ours, had hucked a bag of open diapers in front of the church. That was an experience, I tell you what! Afterwards, you guessed it, all, and I mean every single one, of our lessons fell throuh. It just went so slow this week. but we can only press on! 

It's getting a little hotter here too, so another slow week of no lessons and walking. I'll sweat off another 30lbs. Heaven help me! Once again, I really am thankful for your prayers!

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

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