Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mexican Standard Time

Well, I'd like you all to know that the Pope (or Papa as they say here) is in Mexico! I feel something different while he is here. Then again, it could have been that sketchy taco I ate. But it's the same, right?

Tuesday we ran into a Jehovah's witness.  Now it's not a lot new, but it is rare that they accept a visit.  Of course we got told why we were wrong, but he accepted! I've never had more of an urge to study the heck out of the bible before!! Our appointment is in a week or two because he and his wife are in Vera Cruz! Just more time to prepare! We later found a mother and daughter who are great and the daughter accepted baptism!! We gave them both a blessing because they have different sicknesses, and totally felt the spirit!! It was awesome!!! Pretty good day!

Wednesday, we had one lesson with an older couple. You could definitely see that the wife could have cared less, but the husband seemed a little interested! We taught from 1 Nephi 17 about when he builds the boat! They didn't except baptism yet, but we will keep on them!!

Thursday.  Well I've asked several people for scriptures to help with our lesson with the Jehovah witness. I've gotten a lot and learned a lot. I think I'm a little too fired up for this!!! We had one lesson, but it was cool because we've been hunting her down for a long time now and she accepted baptism and to go to church and everything!!! She is great and will do awesome if she keeps her commitments!!!

Friday was a little hectic. We do a movie night thing with our ward with movies from the church! Me and my comp are in charge. We normally have it in the chapel, but we had to switch rooms this time. So we ran around all day trying to get everything ready for the big amount of people that would come! We fixed a TV, set up chairs, and cleaned. We had about an hour to work, and then back to the church to greet those who came. It started at 7, but Mexican standard time is even worse than Mormon standard time. So we waited until 8. At 8:15, we packed up and headed out without one person showing up. Just a giant wasted day...

Saturday we had a lesson with a 70 year old guy and his son. His son was a contact from two other Elders. He heard those guys defending the church really well and wanted to know more. So they gave us his info and we headed to his house! His dad began to shoot out scriptures at us as we began. As we read then out loud, there wasn't one thing that we didn't agree with. And so we taught about the book of Mormon with the bible, and he told us by the end, "looks like I'm going to have to do a little studying to figure that out". It was great and we have another lesson next week!!!

Sunday was kind of a bummer. Not a single one of our investigators or less actives came. So all our baptism fell. And we didn't even get a lesson that day, but I did learn a lot in principles of the gospel class, so not a terrible day.

Once again, thank you for all your prayers!

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

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