Monday, June 13, 2016

God is Aware

Another week just like the last. Except this week, something crazy happened that I'd like to share.

Thursday night we headed over to an old members house. It was our first and last lesson of the day as it was around 7:30. We began to talk about faith, repentace, and enduring to the end. He had comments for all of it and it was awesome to hear what he had to say. He told us he had lost his sight almost 100% and wasnt able to go to church that often. As we began to end the lesson, he told us all he had done in his life. He confessed to us everything right there in the room. Nothing terrible, but we could tell he's been holding it in for a long time because he has no one to talk to. When he finished, he told us if he were to die in that moment, he would've liked to have been in the chapel.

Jump forward to Sunday. We start church at 11. We got there at 10:30 and we saw this brother sitting in the back! It was a shocker to see him so we went and said hi. He said hi and asked how we were and then we went out to greet people as they walked in. Around 10:45 we heard a little bit of panic and then we saw four brothers carrying this man who we had just talked to out the door. And off they went to the hospital.  After church, we received the news that he had passed on. He had passed on in peace, exactly where he wanted to be. It was a crazy thing to see and think about. But it just testifies again that God is aware. He knows what we need/want and when we need it.
Thank you for every prayer you send my way. I'm sorry there just isn't much to say right now, but we know changes come in a week, so fingers crossed! As always,

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns

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