Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chancla ~ A heavy leather sandal

Oh sweet mercy!!! I mean what the heck Mario? What is going on? There is nothing to be had here in Cuautla. Nothing. Bloody hot means no people in the street except those of whom who have a sacred calling to serve the Lord... and no one excepts us. Nevertheless, if walking in the sun is the service that is needed, we will do another week of it!! I have heard Elders say, "Cuautla is so awesome man! I never want to leave". Those who say that have a week or two here and can smoke another! Try taking a 5 month dose of it baby! And then tell me what the doctor says! If I hear it once more I will slap them with a chancla (a chancla, my dear friends, is a heavy leather sandal. It could do some damage and its sounds cooler in Spanish). Really this letter is just to let you all know I am alive. I have nothing to report on. Ladies and Gentleman, Elder Johns has left the building! Peace!!

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