Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference Weekend

**Small snippets from his short email to his mom.  No big email again this week.  NO TIME!
Mostly answers to questions.

This weekend with conference, me and 3 other gringos got a TV from the bishops office and turned it to conference in English! We just go to and change the language!  We just watched it in another room of the church! We ate with members both Saturday and Sunday! It’s all good! They don’t really watch it in their houses here. I have pictures, but I’ll send them all next week! I loved the way President Uchtdorf started conference off Saturday morning!!! It was my favorite of the whole thing!!! This conference I only had one question and I only got a half answer so I need to do some praying! Gosh dang it haha! I did get the package and I did make it to the tailor! My pants are all patched up!

It was a pretty normal week. Our dates fell, but we found a great person on Sunday!!! I’m super excited to talk to her again! Her name is Jessica if you want to send a prayer her way!  As Always!!

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns

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