Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Colton Letting us Know He's Alive

I’m fine! I’m actually in the calmest part of my mission. I love this area with all ma' heart! I think I may buy a summer house up here some day! I’m serious! This is literally the safest place in Mexico I’ve ever been and it’s so chill. Nothing bad happens. In fact, almost nothing happens at all. A couple of rinky dink festivals a year!  There’s nobody drunk until late at night and everyone is nice!  No hills which is awesome! I think I might finish in peace! haha I’m going to get pics asap! This place is called Mixquic en el Estado de Mexico. La Calle es Lazaro Cardanas.   I know a few people here just from being in Huitzi a while ago.

Yesterday I rolled my ankle pretty good playing soccer.  I was up front and I popped 2 goals in and assisted 2 or 3 more! I’ve gotten way better than I was haha  I had to go to the doctor because my ankle is swollen, but it’s all good. It doesn’t hurt too bad today.   

My comp is good. No problems. So also good in that category. He’s from Puebla - another state in Mexico.  

We may have 2 baptisms at the end of this cycle. So pray for Lissete and her mom Karina. They were investigators that had been dropped, but we picked them back up just barely and they accepted.

I’m loving being junior companion. I do nothing but work during the day!!  It’s the best!!  As Always!!!

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns

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