Thursday, August 20, 2015

One More Week

I have a question for you. "To what song would you like to fall asleep to and in what country"? Answer. Titanic theme song in Mexico. well ladies and gents, I was able to live the amazing dream this last Saturday. it was truly amazing!

And yes, as you can see by the title I have about one week left! I leave a week from Monday into the ghetto I have come to know and love through prayer. Its crazy to think that in 2 days is my 1 month mark!!! 

Now, on to the meat and potatoes! this last Thursday, my companion and I became the unofficial fuse ball champs of the CMM. I know. just another reason why I'm the coolest guy you know. As for my Spanish, I'm loving it and hating it. Its hard, but then you get it and you wonder why you don't schmooze your way up to the Mexican presidency! And then you remember, because you would get shanked on the way up there! So for now, I remain in the CCM. But I will try to send a video of me speaking the native tongue next week. Some other things to tell you this week, I did not have a crazy dream! Sad, I know, but I'm sure one is just around the corner.

2 of the past couple days, I have gotten a piece of toast caught in the toaster and started a small fire within. You'd have to be looking for it to notice it! So no worries, other than I'm probably the CCM's most wanted so I try and steer clear of the toasters now a days!  I also chugged a litter and a half of water in 23 seconds. So that was sweet!!!

Side note: I realize that all my stories makes it sound like there is absolutely nothing missionary related we do here. but I promise there is!!! it just would be super boring if every week I sent, "and this week, we conjugated irregular verbs. neat-o!" You feel me?

I'm running out of time, so I'm ending it here.  I want you all to remember, don't do anything I wouldn't do... Or whatever other quote would inspire you at this time, until next time,

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

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