Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is... The Big One

As I have said before and will continue to say... This. Is. The. Big One. This is my last p day in the CCM then its on to the big times! I'm ready to get out there!!! I may not know what any one says for a while, but that's ok! I forgot to tell you last week that we got to go to the Mexico City temple open house!! its 4 stories high and absolutely beautiful!!! I don't know how else to describe it! look up a picture of it, then times the beauty that you see by 10!!!

Now, on to this week! I was able to practice street contacting this week and I already love it! i cant wait to go up to the people of Mexico and tell the about this gospel. This True gospel! In other news i hit my month mark last Saturday! 23 left and it already seems a little fast!!

My testimony has grown so much this week and I like to think of some words by president Holland, "Its great that so many people will die for this church. But we need some people that will live for this church"!! heck yeah I would die for this church, but by serving a mission, I'm fulfilling his challenge to Live for this church!!!

We received our green cards the other day! its pretty sweet! but what's getting something of major importance without loosing it 2 minutes later... Now, mom. I did find it, but you were totally right... I'm going to get lost, not be able to get back, and die here. But like I said, I would die for this church!!!  I also want to bare my testimony about our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. sometimes in ways we don't get until that very second we need it! this happened to me this week and it was amazing!

Finally, we got to hear D. Todd Christofferson speak to us hear at the CCM! it was amazing and his spirit was strong! Especially when he talked about our savior in Gethsemane!!! speaking of our savior, I found out in the scriptures that the song, "consider the lilies" comes from his sermon on the mount!! and I forgot how much I loved that song! 

Not a lot going on today. A ton of volleyball, but that's about it! Not sure when my next p day will be, but I do know I leave at 10 in the morning Mexico time!  Until I can right you again-

Stay Classy
Elder Johns


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