Monday, September 21, 2015

A Better Week

Well, i have more to say this week! We actually had some lessons!!! So Tuesday, we found this family that is absolutely amazing!!! The 2 daughters are members but the parents are not. Their names are Guillermo and Alin! They are some of the nicest people I've ever met and both accepted baptism! Please pray for them! Other than that we did a lot of street contacting. But since it was independence day of Mexico, we had to be in by 6! Id like to add that it was the biggest let down of the history of Mexico. we heard one or two fireworks and that was about it.

On Wednesday, we went on exchanges. I was with an elder named elder Hubbert. Hes super weird in a good way. Hes just really funny! We walked so much that day because no one was home. they were out watching the after party parades as i like to call them! we didn't teach one lesson... Esta Bien. 

On Thursday we met with a inactive family who's great! we are trying to reactivate them and in doing so, challenged their daughter who's almost 9 to be baptized! she said yes, so now we jut need to work with her! That same day we ate a few weird things. Like chicken feet. Not chicken legs or chicken fingers. Chicken feet. They weren't bad, but they also served some kind of organ with it. I don't know what it was. we also had milk straight from the cow. Odd, that's all i have to say.

Friday, again we didn't have any lessons except one! They said they would come to church!!!  Hoorah right?  WRONG. They didn't come... But we did see the Lord so much that day in so many small ways!!!

Saturday, we got to help prepare an area where a member is going to put some concrete and he said if we come back and help next week, we can put our names and hand prints in the concrete. So obviously we have to go!!! No lessons again, but we street contacted the heck out of this place!!!

Sunday, we have 2 wards so we were at church from 8 to 4 and those 2 extra hours are for just getting to know the members! and, Guillermo and Alin came!!! I love those two!!! they are the best we got right now!!! And so help me if they don't get baptized, i will burn Utica to the ground!!! (that was for all you office lovers ;) ) I also have discovered this candy stuff! its like chili powder and sugar and its great! and there are supposedly more flavors!!! You just cant eat to much or you vomit! 

That's all i got for this week! until next time,

Stay Classy,
Elder Johns


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