Monday, September 28, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Colton didn't have time for a long email recapping his week, so I am just putting bits and pieces of our small emails together for a brief look at his week. (Colton is in Red)
Questions Answered to Whitley 
1. how's the food? 
the food's actually pretty good. but you and Mom and probably Kennedy would hate it.
2. do you have a pooping story yet (I'm crossing my fingers for one) 
no, but i was constipated this week. i didn't poop for two days...
3. how's the language coming? 
as for the language, I'm pretty much a Spanish wizard.
4. what do you love most about your mission so far?  i think i love the people the most as of right now!
5. what is the one food you miss the most?  I miss every greasy drop of a hamburger. that's what i miss. and ice cream, and everything pretty much.
I love you so much. and just know that Annie (his truck) and i could never be beat in anything. we were the best. don't even try to be on our level.

In response to Kennedy being frustrated by some things in her soccer game and a question about the language.  
i know i said this, but i miss your Flagstaff games so much!!! i want you to crotch kick somebody for me. if that's your mids, so be it!  My life is OK.   And don't worry, if i don't understand them, i just start talking to them in English so we just confuse the heck out of each other!! i love and miss you a ton!
To Landon
Hey dad! 
we set a marriage date for Guillermo and Alin, they are my favorite by far. but they didn't come to church this week which was the worst. 

Answers to Amy's Questions and other random info
1. Did you hear Elder Scott Died?  Crazy to think we will be getting 3 new apostles!  yeah, that's pretty sad
2.  Where will you watch conference?   i think we watch at our stake center
3. Package Update: All I can say is that Dad basically has the Mexican Mob headed to get your package from Customs.  It became a personal mission for him.  If you actually get that first package, it will be nothing short of a miracle!  Someday I'll tell you the whole story!  We will know by Thursday if we can get it or not.  Stay tuned.  perfect sounds good! and thank you!!!
4. What else did you do today besides wash your clothes?   we got our food and we played basketball today!  we went to a place called Amecameca to browse. it's another little city, like Mesa is to Gilbert.  And i'm totally going to buy a cowboy hat!  no car, we just take a sketch bus thing. its called a covi. we also did laundry, but its all hanging in our house cause its been raining like crazy today!
5. Most spiritual Moment of the week?  I have another person for you to pray for. Hermana Consuelo. she's had a rough hand dealt to her. she was the spiritual momento this week!  and i will tell you everything about consuelo next week,  but shes had a lot of faith hitting things happen! 
I have to go!  I love you so much! I'll talk to you next week!!!

       Elder Johns and his Companion Elder Cowdin

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