Monday, September 7, 2015

Welcome to Chalco

Allow me to start by saying, Mexicans love their gelatinous substances. I mean every dessert is gelatinous! some is good, some is... well we will say not good.

My mission president is awesome!!! he was so welcoming and full of the spirit!!! I got my comp on Tuesday and he's awesome! his name is elder Cowdin and he has helped me so much!!! The first day we walked everywhere! and its up and down hills!!! but that's ok because I'm here to work, not to sit around twiddlin' my thumbs! We also got to eat in a hole in the wall! it wasn't to shabby! That night we found out we had to move houses the next day. we had 3 truck loads and it was not fun. But were all settled now and its great!

We have 2 area for one companionship. so week walk it feels like 100 miles a day. but I'm never as tired as I think ill be. The Lord blesses us everyday in so many ways! Elder Cowdin has never been in this area before, and I'm new, so we talk to just about everyone we see! Spanish is coming along and I've been told I sound like a native talker. WHAT UP SON!!! one week in and I'm a native. well, besides that fact that I don't know 80% of what people are saying...

There are so many dogs here. I'm talking 100 or 200. just everywhere. One belongs to a member and his name is Pookie. He's a rat dog, but he's pretty cool!!

This last Sunday was fast Sunday as you know, and so I was able to bear my testimony. in Spanish. I nailed. It. But, once again, I knew nothing the members were saying to me afterwards! We have taught a lot of lessons and have one committed to baptism! prayer for these people that they may know the truth! Again, I love these people so much! and I haven't been nervous once here. The people are so nice! except for one guy who cussed us out. But whatevs.
That's all I got for this week! Until next time,

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

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