Monday, October 5, 2015

Constipation Is Real

I'd like to let you know that constipation is not funny no matter what anyone says. i am now a victim and know the pain for about a week.

Tuesday we were out and about when i finally couldn’t take the pain anymore. We called the doctor and he told us that i needed to a buy a certain medicine and go home and rest... rest? I’m not here to rest! But i was in enough pain that i listened to him.

Nothing noteworthy happened Wednesday. Sorry for the letdown.

Thursday was great!!! We had 2 great lessons with 2 investigators! One with a guy named Jesus. He had been telling us that he couldn’t give up work on Sunday, when today he said, "i don’t work Tuesdays, and i know this is important, so ill not work Sundays and work Tuesdays"!!! He has so much strength with his faith!!!  And the other was with Alin and Guillermo! They are great. We had a lesson about marriage and they told us they would come to conference this weekend! WHAT UP?!?!

Friday we had one really good lesson! She was a reference from the temple open house! Her name is Guillermina. She’s this old sweet lady that is amazing and strong in her faith! We taught her so much about the restoration and Joseph Smith!! so when we asked her to be baptized, not to our surprise, she said no. most people do the first time. But then we asked, "What if you receive and answer directly from God?" we thought we were so smug. But then we were shocked into humility when she flat out said, "No." We, said, not even from God? "No." so we will be working with her some more to say the least.

Saturday was conference!!! It’s the super bowl of the mission. Our district listened in English and we had so much food with us it was awesome!! We had no lessons that day or Sunday because of conference.

It’s been an absolute honor writing to you all. Avoid constipation and stay healthy.

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

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