Monday, October 19, 2015

Cachete or Carnitas...CARNITAS!!

We had a really good week this week, but at the same time it was kind of sad.

Monday started a new cycle for us and we lost a couple of people in our zone. But then we gained some really good ones too!!!

Tuesday was an average day. I have a story to tell. So we went to our favorite carnita stand. The cook is also a member in one of our wards! I usually get three regular carnitas. It what I like, it’s what I enjoy. But my freaking companion Elder Cowdin talked me into getting some cachete. That would be pig cheek. So I said, "yeah whatever, let’s do it!" So we start in and the taste is great!!!  But, the texture is horrible. So I’m forcing it down, and I get to the point where I either have one bigger bite, or two smaller bites left.  I went with the bigger bite.  Big mistake... I get it chewed up and swallow. But it only goes half way down, and it came back up with revenge on its mind. Luckily, with my razor sharp reflexes, I was able to stop it with my hand. And as a single tear rolled down my cheek, I was able to gain control.  So I took a drink and tried to swallow again. But there was no stopping it this time. I spit pig cheek all over my companion... he sat there frozen with a look of confusiĆ³n on his face and whispered, "What the heck..?" I muttered an astonished "I’m so sorry" and we both then began to laugh for the next five minutes. Good times.

Wednesday we found a new guy named Jose Miguel. He’s really good! But we also dropped Alin and Guillermo. They just aren’t progressing and we had to do it. We also had interviews with the pres!  He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met and he calls me Elder Tiny. The first thing he said when he saw me is, "I see you’ve lost a little weight there Tiny. Problems in the bathroom will do that to you". I love this guy to death!

Thursday and Friday were just hard working days without success.

Saturday was good!  We got to talk with a girl named Rebecca who is 9. She only has to come to church one more time and she will be baptized!!!  Her family is great!  Her mom is becoming active again and her dad we are working with!  But his faith is amazing! Slowly but surely he’s coming around!!!

Sunday was awesome!  We had several investigators come to church and we were so happy because one is another we thought we would have to drop!!!!  Also I met my new zone and I like the new people better than the others, so I could not be happier with who we got!

Many people are wondering about Craig.   We've tried to get rid of him for good... twice.  He's made his way back... twice.  Killing him is our only other option.

Until next time, and as always,

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

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