Monday, October 12, 2015

Questions, Answers and Pictures - Oh My!

Tuesday morning I went to the temple.  I love it there.  Every time I go I think, why don't I come here more!!  I put your name on the prayer roll and I prayed for you in the celestial room.  You were heavy on my heart this day.  I wonder when that happens, if you are having a hard day that day.  Who knows.
Yeah, Tuesday was hard, I just felt angry all day and wanted to go home.

Favorite thing/person/moment this week?
Not sure, this week was a little hard, but the relief society pres is funny and always great!! 

Are you ok being with Cowdin again?  And did you seriously make that pasta??
Yeah, I'm good with Cowdin! I want to be with Searle again though!!!  And heck yeah I made that pasta!! I'm freaking Emerald!  To another notch!!!  Can you believe I almost have 3 months?!

Dad said u should make company casserole. Do you remember that?  We can't believe your almost to 3 months. Is it going fast or slow for you??  It's both for us. Feels like forever yet just like yesterday too.  Will you b able to check the mission home for your package anytime soon??
I'm going to stick with pasta for now, we don't have an oven haha! I'ts both for me too! 6 more weeks and I have a new companion! Crazy! And they will call when its there for me! Which one is it?  The one with the tie?!?!
Are you looking forward to a change in companion or is that scary??  It's the Halloween one. NOT the one with dads tie.  How are your clothes holding up with u washing them by hand?? Also dad wants to know how many people attend sacrament in ur areas?  R u in the ozumba 1st and 2nd wards??
I'm looking forward to it and its scary!  He could only speak Spanish... and Elder Cowdin's family sent him one through the US mail and just loaded it up with Jesus and Saint Mary stickers!!! It totally Works! And my cloths are still good! And only 50 to 100 people. I'm  in both! 

Replying to Whitley. 
I almost benched as much as you squat. Pathetic! Give me a challenge! And you've been in your head for a while! I'm glad to hear you're back and scoring!!! I miss watching you and Kennedy play soccer.  It sounds like your coach is missing a pair of nards... just saying.  Utah must be really nice!  It's ok down here right now weather wise! I love you!

Also, I'm putting pics of my house and other things on drop box.  I have a selfie and the dog Craig too!  

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