Monday, October 26, 2015

Q and A

1. I'm assuming you know about the gigantic hurricane that hit the coast of Mexico.  And I'm assuming since I haven't heard anything that it didn't really impact you?   no to bad, Little rain!
2.  How has your pooping been?  You haven't mentioned it for a couple weeks, so I'm guessing you got yourself regular?  im pretty solid in that topic of conversation if you know what i mean
3. Do you take your camera with you when you are out and about?  Or only on Pday?  Are you not suppose to take pics of the people you are teaching?   i take it every where. but i will take pictures with people when i leave an área and when i have baptisms. AND WE HAVE ONE THIS SATURDAY!!!
4.  Is there anything you need?  Anything you have thought, "I wish I had that" or "I should have brought that" or "I'm gonna need that"??  (not that I can get you anything-haha)  yeah, 80s music and nuts. miss both of those.
and whit looked really good for hoco!!!
nuts??  Like peanuts, almonds, etc?  That's weird.  Did you ever see the pics from Park City??  I know it was a ton!    yeah like planters. did you get the address? my comp said its in the packet. no, what pic! also, this week if its not to crazy because i know it can be, could you check on my card. i tried it today and it didnt work.
I am going to get an email for (your friend-I took his name out for privacy)  He's still in basic training, but I guess his dad and girlfriend are really giving him a hard time about the church.  It would be awesome if you could maybe write him something encouraging.  Doesn't have to be long, just to know someone cares!  And then I'll start sending him your emails too!  The address in the packet is where we sent your Halloween package.  I think it's the mission office.  It was returned to sender because the address was wrong!  I have another small one I'm going to get mailed this week.  Trying USPS!  Your debit card??  That's no bueno!  I'll call the bank as soon as we are done and figure it out.  Tell me about your baptism.  Im super excited for you!!!  PLEASE send me his email!!!!!! and ok, perfect! i just want to know if its the right address.and yeah that card, thank you! and my baptism is this saturday at 4, 3 your time. (we had daylight saving and thats why im only an hour ahead. i HATE day light saving with a passion. dumbest thing man has ever crated) her name is rebecca and shes 9. her mom is coming into activity again because were working with her and her dad is interested in the church! shes awesome. not sure who is baptizing her yet. and how do you know about his dad being a putz?
We talked about him in ward council yesterday.  The ward mission leader, our home teacher asked if anyone had any connection to him so we could be emailing him positive things.  OH, daylight savings.  That's the worst.  so you're only 1 hour ahead now.  I wondered why you were so late today.  makes sense.  did you go back to amecameca?  when you were there last time you used your card, for like $1 and it worked.  I remember rebecca and her mom.  Maybe you told dad about her or something.  we will be praying for her and her family.  can't wait to see pics!  do you have pics this week??  do you know the mission office address?  I'm going to email and double check before I send this next package to make sure I'm sending it to the right place.  I'll try to stick some nuts in there for you!   im so stoked to email him!!! and no, just to buy food. and yeah!! its 3 pics and a vid. one of me when Elder cowdin was sick. im in the mirror and had nothing else to do. the vid is of us and a convi (bus) alone jammin out. one is of me rep re sentin´ genie! and the last of the carnitas i love. its just super orange!!! also, we went to the temple this week! it was amazing!!! 

Yeah, I think it will be really cool!  Can't wait to hear how it goes. Yay, pics and a vid!!  How did i get so lucky.  So what do you do when ur comp is sick.  Just hang out and lose your mind??  haha  OH I'm so glad you got to go to the temple!  I went and did initiatories last tuesday.  I put your name in again.  I do it every time, just for extra angels!  ya know.  I'm getting things ready for your christmas package and so wantyou to get it.  I feel awful that you haven't gotten anything from us.  There's a service in mexico that i know can get you packages (it's how i would send krispy kremes in the ccm) but all they have is food.  And i don't know if you can get all of that there already.  I will keep trying.  Did you guys play any soccer or bball today??  Is cowdin athletic??  Sweet thanks! and yeah, just loose my mind and make mac and cheese... and we played with our zone getting ready for the tourny we have! we practiced basketball, volleyball, and soccer. those are the three we will play in the tourny! and yeah, hes good!!
hey, i got to go. but i love you and will talk to you next week!!!

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