Monday, August 29, 2016

Mexico City Temple Trip and Juli

Good week. Solid, some might say.

Tuesday was a very powerful day for me. We had the opportunity to go as a mission to the temple!!! So we had to be on the bus before 6:00am and that was good times. We got there around 9:30 and entered the 11:00 session because we couldn't have made the 10:00 session. We finished the session and I had some important questions to ask The Man Upstairs. I testify to all who read this letter that our Heavenly Father answers prayers!!! And He answers them just how we need it!!! The power and gift of prayer is much, much more than we realize at times and I invite you to gain an unshakable testimony of it. When we finished there, we headed for the bus. And as everyone was getting on, for some reason Elder Varela and I were the only zone leaders getting everyone organized even though there were 4 others there with us. Where were they? Who knows!! Probs real cumff in their seat chowing down on some CHEETOS!!! And to top it all off, there was some clown of an Elder yelling in the back of the bus, "Let's go! Come on Varela! Why are we waiting?!" Now, for those who don't know, I'm pretty patient most of the time. But when it comes to chumps being jackwagons, I'm not a fan. So I went over and let him know that he should be quiet. To keep it short, he agreed. And off we went to Cuautla once again!! All good things Tuesday!!!

Wednesday, well... It’s hump day. Halfway through the week. Not too much happened. We don't however, have any money. And we did however, have a meeting with the stake president in the stake center. So we got to enjoy the lovely hour walk from our area to our meeting. Other than that, we had passed by earlier with Juli and she didn't have much time, but told us she had received her answer!!! BaDaBing!!! We waited ‘til Friday for her to tell us what it was!

Thursday was awesome! We woke up early to go over to another companionships house. We had been told by the stake president, who happens to rent their house to the Elders, that they might be watching movies, leaving the house late in the day, and hanging out at the youth activities on Thursdays. Now, when we got there, their house has big windows downstairs and we could clearly see there was no one down there. So we call and when they answered, we can hear the call woke them up. But the worst part is that they straight up lied telling us that they were downstairs doing exercise... We could see everything and they were NOT downstairs nor doing exercise. So that was fun catching them in the act! We know we can't trust them now, and also why they haven't had success. Needless to say, we'll be on them like ugly on an ape!!!

Friday was great! We had our lesson with Juli and she told us about her answer!!! She knows that the church is true and has invited a few people to her baptism!!! This is going to be super hard for her because her whole family is Catholic and they don't like the fact that she's listening to us. And because of where she works, everyone knows her. And because we have our lessons outside, everyone knows that she’s listening to us. So several people have talked to her about that and judge her a little... jerks. But she could use prayers now and then if it isn’t too big of a hassle! I'd appreciate it!

Saturday was alright. Almost no success though. We did however see a sweet mercy of the Lord! It’s not easy getting up at 6:30 every morning after walking the day before. But if we wake up when we're supposed to, we have energy and are awake the whole day!!! It’s like magic!!!
1 Nephi 16:28 "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the pointers which were in the ball, that they DID WORK according to the FAITH and DILIGENCE and HEED which we did give unto them." Just like all things the Lord gives unto us, our reward and blessings depend on what we DO with them!!!

This is the work of the Lord! This is His church! We know it! But, do we live it? And just as important, do we love it? Thank you for your prayers!!! As Always!!!

Stay Classy,

Elder Johns

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