Monday, April 4, 2016

District Leader

Well... I'm a district leader. and let me tell you all something. now that I'm in charge, I want to rule with an Iron Fist, wearing a soft glove. I want to Tear These People Down, so I can build them back up! I want to see little white boys and little white girls holding hands with little black boys and little black girls! I Have A Dream Today!!!!
I feeling pretty pumped about it. And I'm only in charge of one other companionship and the assistants. So I figure I cant mess up to much because I hardly talk with the assistants anyways!

So on to the week. Tuesday we went over to the changes because I have a new comp! It was about 2 hours away to a place called Ameca meca. As soon as I got there people were holding the lists, so I new the changes were out. Then people started coming up to me saying stuff like, "hey Jefe!" so I knew something had gone down. I checked the list and sure enough, there was the little 2 letter next to my name, DL. and as I glanced over to see who my comp was, I saw it was someone who had a reputation for slacking off. I was OK with it cause I had been with 2 goons before this so bring it!
After all the goodbyes and hellos, we grabbed are bags and headed out! That was a good chunk of our day so no work to report.

Wednesday was actually the best day in a while. I don't know what happened to this guy I'm with, but I can see hes changed. so we worked the most I had in almost 2 months. I almost kissed the guy, but I didn't because that's not right. I'm telling you what, we contacted like animales! It's actually fun when you work hard! That's why I've had the gun to my head for 8 weeks. I didn't have fun, cause they didn't want to work with me. Chumps. No lessons today, but at least we got something done!

Thursday was good! Remember that lady that asked how to become a member of the church last week I talked about?  Well the lesson was with her and her kid who is 17 years old! We had an awesome lesson about the Restoration and Joseph Smith!!! They understood it all and it lasted like two hours. Which normally isn't good, but I knew we didn't have anything going on. They both accepted baptism and said they'd come to conference!! BOOM BABY!!! But they do have some problems so if you could throw in a pray for Sarah's family that would be awesome!

Friday got interesting. We were walking in one of our streets around 4:00 right after the food. So I'm feeling pretty full and you don't mess with the bear when he's full. All of a sudden, I feel something ding the back of my head. I look down and see it was a little rock. That didn't feel too good.  Now I'm not the smartest person, but when there's only 2 people in the street and if you know you didn't throw the rock at the back of your own head, that leaves your beloved comp. So I asked him nicely to not  peg me with another rock in the back of my skull. And we walked on. A little later, *dink*, another rock to the cranium. So I'm still in the food coma phase and I'm am angry now, and said "hit me one more time with a rock, I'll punch you". And we walked again. just a little while later, I get drilled again. I don't turn around but I do slow down. I wait until I can hear him in arms distance and then, BAM!  I swing around like lightning with a Rocky right hook, and the sap ends up on the ground!! At this point I realize what I've done is "wrong", even though there was a warning. So I try helping him up and he just keeps pushing me away and yells, "I'm going back to the house!" And right as he turns and begins to run, I grabbed his foot and started pulling so he wouldn't leave. He was yelling and trying to get away, but I just kept pulling his leg.  Kind of like I'm pulling yours right now...
April Fools Baby!!!  I KNOW I got all of you! haha
The truth of Friday was I was in the bathroom all day. I had a little bit of a problem and couldn't get it together. No I didn't knock my comp out!  He's actually really cool and we having fun together!  His name is Elder Pacheco.

Saturday and Sunday were conference, so nothing to report on there. But Holland's talk was pretty cool, eh?!  It was all awesome and I watched most of it in Spanish!

Thank you all for your prayers and everything you do and have done for me! I am very grateful for all of it!!!

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

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