Monday, April 25, 2016

Goodbye Elder Pacheco Hello Elder Santos

Ok not to much to report on this week but more than the other weeks that we didn't do anything.  I'm going to start on Thursday because Monday through Wednesday we sat in the house doing nothing.

Thursday was a big day. Big big day! The night before we received a call from president. Now we knew this was the big one because there had been a ton of whispers about the knee situation we were dealing with. So I answered and he began to say, "tell Elder Pacheco to pack his bags, he's going home." So that was nuts! He can come back to the mish when his knee is better. So Thursday morning at 11 we headed over to Amecameca which is an hour and a half away to drop off Elder Pacheco and pick up my new comp. We get there and drop him off and my new comp is named Elder Santos. The assistants also told us that they would be leaving and their area is now ours... that's good and bad because we now have a ton of investigators, but we don't know where they live.. but we also have 3 baptisms this Saturday, so booya! And Elder Santos is NOT a chump!! He is not a noob. He's a bro. How could I tell by the first day? When we got home, he said, "want to see something cool?" Then he filled a coke bottle with gas from a lighter and lit it off. He's nuts and its awesome!! haha
Friday we did divisions with the assistants so they could show us the area. We did the best we could to learn the area, but we still have a long way to go! No lessons this day, but they bought pizzas when we finished and that was pretty sweet!

Saturday we found a new investigator and had 5 lessons getting to know the people of the new area! We got to meet some of the investigators and we now can see that we have our hands full of work for the next to weeks before changes if we get changed! We also finished all the lessons with Sarah and Hassan and now we just keep them ready to go for their baptism! It's in 2 weeks and that's all I care about right now is seeing them get baptized. It's been a long 3 months with almost nothing and a lot of trials, but the 7th of May will be totally worth it when they get baptized! Thank you for all of your prayers that you've said for them!!

Sunday was pretty cool! They had ward council and the bishop got released after 10 years. They had a choir and Sarah was in it because she has gone to every activity since the day she walked into the church!!! And we also found out that hassan has been teaching his brother all the lessons when his brother was home. And if his brother had questions, he would answer or look in the Book of Mormon for the answer! Holy Missionary! We later had 3 interviews for the baptism and all 3 passed! They will be baptized next Saturday! The work is moving forward here in Cuautla!!!

I know not a full week! but it should be awesome next week!

Stay Classy
Elder Johns

Elder Santos

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